Back to the Summer season

We don't even want to mention the word or the name of the virus that caused the 2020 global pandemic, but the fact is that you haven't enjoyed Cotton specialties for a full 2 ​​months.
In the name of this inconvenience, we have prepared all sorts of new delicacies that will quickly remind you why we are your favorite place. For the summer season, we have prepared even more original dishes, more delicious desserts, and more imaginative drinks and cocktails.
Fresh seafood that has certainly enjoyed conditional cleanliness by banning sea traffic this summer may raise the quality of food to an even more unexpected level (if it was even possible at all).
The unpolluted and untouched environment in which we have grown even the tiniest, seemingly insignificant spices already radiate aromatic scents that will enchant you regardless of the dish you want in...Read more

Fish and seafood specialties

Mediterranean delicacies always represent top quality plates and sensational flavors. Of course, the same must have a foundation in fresh foods processed and prepared in the best way. The above is waiting for you at the Cotton Club Restaurant & Bar seafood specialties.
Istria's rich history rests on the traditional gastronomic foundations of a variety of fish and seafood specialties. In order to discover all the most delicious sea shades of Istrian history, be sure to indulge in the delicacies that will be prepared for you by the chefs of this pearl in Poreč.
Nurturing tradition, history, and gastronomic foundations, Cotton Club Restaurant & Bar offers you the most varied and truly rich seafood recipes. Seafood combined with a variety of pasta while combining their shades and extracting the very best from these rich foods, as well as fish specialties - sea b...Read more

Istria - the best olive growing region in the world

Istria is known for its traditional values ​​- beautiful untouched nature, crystal clear sea, rich history, and culture, as well as incredible flavors of wine and olives. The wealth that Istria has in its attire is truly amazing, and its homeland of antiquity, beauty and health will gladly welcome you and welcome you into your arms.
In addition to being so well known for its traditional values, Istria also has one truly flattering title. Undoubtedly, its beauty leaves you breathless, just as olive oil creates just those notes that were missing from the final plate. Welcome to Istria - the best olive growing region in the world!
The olive branch is a symbol of peace and its long-lived trees are inextricably linked to the Mediterranean and Istria itself. The roots of the olive tradition in Istria go back to ancient times when the ancient Romans recognized the fertile s...Read more

Growing your own olives as the basis of the finest dishes

Istria is known for its beauty that lies not only in its magnificence of nature, history, and culture but also in nurturing tradition and local products. All of these are the values ​​that form the very foundations of Cotton Club Restaurant & Bar in Poreč, and one of the special features of their cuisine is their homemade green liquid gold. Of course, this is olive oil - the basic food that makes up their finest dishes!
November is the biggest challenge for olive growers - it is the month when the fruits of the olive are harvested and the final results of year-round olive cultivation can be seen. Cotton Club Restaurant & Bar grows its own olives for the needs of its kitchen, as well as for sale - the foundations of their BIO extra virgin olive oil, which is created by the tradition of kneading and squeezing olive fruit.
These days, olive harvesting has ended...Read more

Rich variety of gastronomy and superb gin

The variety of the menu is one of the main characteristics that should be present in a truly rich gastronomic scene - a variety of flavors, a wealth of colors and irresistible scents, as well as perfectly coordinated foods whose shades complement each other and create the true ecstasy of the best gastronomic flavors. You can find all of the above at Cotton Club Restaurant & Bar!
The variety and richness of their specialties on the menu make for a truly amazing offering that will satisfy all of their taste buds. Meat and fish dishes are prepared in a variety of ways to satisfy every gastronomic aspiration, but also to highlight all the nuances of these dishes. A lot of love goes into their home-made pasta - handmade, perfectly preserving their most valuable qualities and nuances, as well as the ultimate taste hiding in the delicacies of "alla puttanesca", "ai&...Read more