In Cotton Club, the place of the most varied aromas and original flavors, the prepared specialties delight with their delicious and fresh scents, and one of such tempting dishes is the Tuna Tatar steak.

This exclusive recipe made of raw chopped and spiced steak is a summer specialty that allures with its exotic and interesting history. The legend says that the name Tatar derives from the nomadic people from the Russian steppe - the Tatars, who have eaten raw horse's softened meat. It is interesting that the meat was not the usual food of the old Tatars, who had to adapt to steppe conditions, and raw meat was cut into pieces to make it more easily digested. Most likely the Tatars, at the time of the 13th century, brought to Europe this specific recipe that today is enjoyed by many meat lovers. Today, this recipe is enriched with various spices and a specialized way of preparation, and fresh tuna, which is an indispensable part of this delicious meal, delivering its unique seal of taste and aroma of the sea and sea depths to the steak.

Cotton Club, today the renowned place of top specialties preparation, located in the center of Poreč, offers an unforgettable gastronomic experience accompanied by a rich wine list that will complement your meal and give it a magical aroma from the best wine labels. Enjoy beautiful aromas and afford your palate an unforgettable gourmet experience carefully prepared from the freshest foods and original Cotton Club recipes!