Cotton Club Poreč, a unique place in the heart of one of the most popular Istrian destinations, in its rich offer, in addition to delicious gastronomic specialties, includes a number of fine drinks, one of which is gin. A refreshing and popular drink gin-tonic, the Cotton Club prepares its own special and original way, using well-known gin brands, including Bulldog gin, the exclusive English gin brand, whose distilleries date back more than 250 years. In the Cotton Club, there can be found dozens of different kinds of best gins, and for the special preparations of this high-end refreshing drink, the Cotton Club uses spices from its own bio growing. Organic herbs, except for beverages, are also used to prepare delicious Cotton Club delicacies. In accordance with the rhythms of nature, the Cotton Club cultivates a number of local aromas of the Istrian region, from basil, rosemary or mint, and even olive oil. In addition, the Cotton Club dehydrates also its own citrus fruits, so fresh and first-class raw materials are used to prepare the gin. The importance of well-seasoned gin will be recognized by all true fans of this special distillate, and the harmonious tones complemented by intense tonic will leave no one indifferent. In addition, the Cotton Club also includes editions of "take out” spices in its rich offer, so besides the cute packs of "Istrian Herbs", "Chili", "Red Wine" and "Fish Mix", you will also find homemade olive oil.