Cotton Club Restaurant & Bar - boletus season brings new and delicious delicacies

The end of summer and the beginning of the first autumn days certainly brings with it new gastronomic aspirations. In order to present before you our innovative and truly wonderful delicacies that will enchant you with their aroma, conquer you with colors, impress with texture and seduce you, it should be emphasized that the restaurant first needs to be supplied with quality and top quality ingredients that will form the basis of these delicacies. So these days bring the start of the boletus season - a prized gastronomic delicacy that spices up each plate with its unique flavors.
Cotton Club Restaurant Bar management in Poreč is very careful when choosing this food that represents one of the most respected mushrooms in the gastronomic scene. This is precisely why the restaurant emphasizes that they use local, Istrian mushrooms from their local pickers in their c...Read more

Rhapsody of Istrian delicacies

Cotton Club, a place where harmonious flavors of the latest contemporary recipes and authentic Istrian specialties merge, is a restaurant with many years of experience in preparing the best gastronomic dishes. In addition to the classic offer, which includes the diverse flavors of Istria and the Mediterranean, Cotton Club pays special attention to selecting the freshest foods to give you an unforgettable gastronomic experience with the original Istrian seal. Among other things, the preparation of seasonal Istrian food is one of the favorite creations of experienced chefs of this renowned Poreč restaurant. For example, in the spring you can taste a variety of delicious asparagus delicacies, and in the autumn days, when the intense scents of unavoidable truffles spread in the Istrian peninsula, you can taste the original recipes of this "Istrian gem". Another specialty of Ist...Read more

Rhapsody of flavors of delicious desserts and aromatic wines

Cotton Club, located at the entrance to Poreč, is a place where cultural heritage and flavors of the freshest and most delicious dishes merge in the perfect blend of aromas and the best varieties of wine. On our wine list you will find only the best examples of dry, sparkling, sweet and semi-sweet wines. Of white wines, certainly one of the most numerous and valued varieties are Malvasia, the traditional Istrian variety and Chardonnay, which blends perfectly with the delicious delicacies from our offer, such as pear or strawberry desserts. The pear dessert made according to the original recipe in its kernel contains pear purees in cream of white chocolate and mascarpone, with irresistible glaze of white chocolate.
You can also combine delicious sweet tones with the equally sweet aromas of dessert or rose wines. In our diverse offer you will find rose wines like Malvasia Benven...Read more

BIO growing herbs

The prestigious Poreč restaurant, known for top-quality specialties, uses spices produced in natural ways without additives. Taken from the Mediterranean heritage, Istria has always used homemade olive oil, rosemary, basil or garlic, which at the Cotton Club has become synonymous for a well-seasoned meal. Taking care primarily of the quality of the food and its superior taste, Cotton Club in this way includes in its rich offer made of various original recipes that follow the latest gastronomic trends, the best of the Istrian region as well.
Olive oil, an elixir that has been cultivated in Istria for centuries, is a natural antioxidant full of vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids, which protects the health of the whole body.
Homemade spices are also grown naturally, and the typical Mediterranean aromas of rosemary or basil are the perfect finishing touch for any dish, as...Read more

Cotton Club - Tuna Tatar steak

In Cotton Club, the place of the most varied aromas and original flavors, the prepared specialties delight with their delicious and fresh scents, and one of such tempting dishes is the Tuna Tatar steak.

This exclusive recipe made of raw chopped and spiced steak is a summer specialty that allures with its exotic and interesting history. The legend says that the name Tatar derives from the nomadic people from the Russian steppe - the Tatars, who have eaten raw horse's softened meat. It is interesting that the meat was not the usual food of the old Tatars, who had to adapt to steppe conditions, and raw meat was cut into pieces to make it more easily digested. Most likely the Tatars, at the time of the 13th century, brought to Europe this specific recipe that today is enjoyed by many meat lovers. Today, this recipe is enriched with various spices and a specialized way of pre...Read more