A gastronomic pleasure to remember

A pleasure to remember - it's a pretty high goal to set up this summer. Whether it's the pleasure of warmth of the sun, a beautiful view that stretches in front of you or the vast beauties of the Istrian cities - whatever pleasure you are looking for, you will definitely find it in Poreč. If we are to add a unique gastronomic pleasure - all of the summer experience will truly be remembered!
The already refined palates are quite picky and looking for new flavors and gastronomic ecstasy. As you are not to be disappointed, be sure to go to the Cotton Club - Restaurant & Bar Poreč! A refined and warm ambiance that truly guides you through an unforgettable gastronomic experience is what the chefs are aiming for when creating Istrian tradition on a plate. By equating the tradition with the notes of modernism and luxury, the dishes are at the level of true...Read more

Gastro pleasures of Cotton Club

In the very heart of Poreč, at the entrance of the ancient Decumanus, you will find a place
of gastronomic delicacies made by the Cotton Club. The place where authentic Istrian
cuisine is combined and the original recipes of skilled chefs of this elite place, you will find
the most delicious specialties that will delight even the most demanding palate. From the
rich offer, Cotton Club features meat dishes like homemade prosciutto and cheese, then
black angus steak on a cotton club way or a delicious grilled beefsteak. Seafood lovers will
find a handful of delicious combinations of the freshest fish such as sea bass a la
Mediterranean with tasty homemade vegetables, tuna steaks, grilled salmon or
unavoidable gastronomic pleasures - grilled shrimps.
If you prefer pasta dishes, there are pasta al calamari, with squid, parsle...Read more

Tataki tuna with a Cotton signature

Tataki tuna is a traditional Japanese dish of a delicate preparation that requires a calm and experienced hand, and the finest ingredients. When it comes to preparing the typical Tataki tuna, the only choice falls down to a sashimi - grade tuna, which is the very top of the offer both for its freshness and quality. Lightly seared along the edges, the tuna keeps its said freshness, soft silk-like texture, delicate scent of a protein-rich piece of meat, and additionally emphasizes it with a mixture of other texture and flavors. Seafood lovers simply adore the Tataki tuna we serve, which we can see by the numerous arrival in the restaurant, and the sheer number of orders of this phenomenal meal. 
Otherwise traditionally served with sesame oil, the Cotton Club's chefs selected the local autochthonous approach and enriched the plate with the finest olive oil produced l...Read more

Cotton Club - "Seafood omelet"

The Exclusive offer of Cotton Club brings new spring delicacy for your palate - seafood omelet (fritaja)! In the finest combination of this specialty, you will find squid, shrimp, clams, with the addition of black-cut olives, capers, and feta cheese. Fritaja is a traditional Istrian dish that requires the skill of egg preparation, most often in a variety of domestic specialties. In Cotton Club you will find a rich offer of authentic recipes from Istria, always with a touch of innovations and individual mark, including this unique gastronomic specialty with fresh seafood.

Various combinations of crabs and shellfish are an indispensable part of the tradition of...Read more

Istrian - Asian fusion that will impress you

One of the specialties offered by the prestigious restaurant Cotton Club is a combination of traditional Istrian dishes and exotic Asian delicacies that are an indispensable combination for hot summer evenings. Cotton Club is renowned for its top-class chefs who have kept up-to-date with the latest trends in the gastronomic scene with numerous and continuous educations. Skillfully combining traditional dishes of the Istrian soil with various foods from other parts of the world, has also brought this excellent Istrian-Asian fusion that will enchant everyone.

The main ingredient of this refreshing exotic dish is goma wakame salad, combined with tuna tartar enri...Read more