Enjoy the unusual Cotton Club flavor

Salmon is one of the most popular fish used in many world cuisines. It can be prepared in a variety of ways: you can roast it, fry it, eat crunchy as carpaccio or smoke dry it. Whatever you turn to, salmon is the perfect choice at all times and every occasion.

The Cotton Club restaurant in Poreč is known for its superb culinary art of preparing dishes in various ways in addition to home-made spices and olive oil.

Have you ever tried Greek yogurt and fish?

Now is the unique opportunity to treat your palate to an unforgettable gastronomic experience. Visit the Cotton Club restaurant and enjoy the unusual blend of unique flavors. We prepare top-quality specialties daily, that "shout" all the flavors of the Istrian homeland.

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The rhapsody of sea treasures

There is nothing more delicious than having your palate refreshed by your favorite fish and seafood flavors, right? Visit the Cotton Club Restaurant and feel it once again!
Shrimps are highly valued seafood due to their perfect taste, but also their high nutritional value. The shrimp is of a peculiar taste and can be used to prepare a wide variety of dishes (salad, soup, risotto). His succulent flesh will give your palate a real symphony of tastes. Combined with tuna tartar and bass carpaccio with seasonal spices, you will witness a unique breeding of sea tastes. Bass carpaccio is marinated in an emulsion of homemade olive oil and crust of red oranges which additionally serves this Adriatic treat.
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Sea Bass a-la-Mediterranean

At Cotton Club, a refined bistro in Poreč, we offer a unique gourmet experience and delight. The finest quality of food and the special atmosphere will delight anyone who visits our place. It is already a well known fact that Cotton Club has become a favorite place for socializing and enjoying amazing food and drinks.
Our professional and experienced staff always strive for greater success every day, so all the food and all the recipes are carefully combined to please even the most demanding of our guests.
In all the abundance we prepare for you, it is extremely difficult to separate only one specific dish to be specially proud on. We are confident of the abundance of meat dishes, the richness of the finest homemade pasta, but also the infinite, indescribable flavors offered by the Adriatic sea. The unsurpassed freshness of fish prepared in a Cotton Club fancy is offere...Read more

Istrian liquid gold – olive oil

Liquid gold of plant origin. No, it is not overly exaggerated if we call Istrian olive oil like that, one of the symbols of this region, with the admiration of the whole world. Because the olive tree is more than a plant, it is a respected symbol of living, some greater power, a symbol of the Mediterranean world and a synonym for health and purification. 

This year, Istria has been proclaimed for the second time in a row for the best olive-growing region in the world according to the most prominent world guide of extraordniary olive oil "Flos Olei 2017". So it came in front of Italian Tuscan and Spanish Andalusia. The culture of olive growing in Istria is extremely pronounced, and the golden standard is that, in the places of gastronomic pleasures along with the meal, olive oil is served. 

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Istrian Boškarin ox

One of the largest gourmet delicacies specific to Istria is considered to be the meat of Boškarin, a gray-white long-horned ox, which is a symbol of the Istrian region. In ancient times the Boškarin was a working ox and people used it for plowing fields or dragging stones for the construction of typical indigenous houses. 

There was, as they say, that special connection between the Istrian man and his cattle. But agriculture and life have changed the course of things in general, so Boškarin was replaced. At the beginning of the nineties, the number of Boškarin cattle in Istria fell to barely a hundred. It took almost two decades to renew the number of this traditional Istrian cattle and to raise the Boškarin's new purpose. 

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