A highlight of the current top offer of native Mediterranean meals:

The fame of the heart of the Mediterranean, the paradise that represents Istria, and the calm and moderate climate bring us constant benefits for our culinary world. One of these benefits is certainly asparagus. Gorgeous, "fleshy" wild plant for which even laws were made about freedom of their harvest. With a sharp and specific flavor, healing properties and a variety of applications, asparagus decisively dominates over other specialties when it comes to "their" season. At Cotton Club in Poreč, we are preparing asparagus in a variety of ways. Some of them are more traditional, while some are fantastic and imaginative creations of our renowned chefs. Even if you have never had the opportunity to taste the asparagus away from traditional preparation, for example, with eggs, Cotton Club offers you more sophisticated solutions that will surely satisfy your need for Mediterranean abundance, colorfulness and ultimately true connection with our beautiful nature and everything that is offered to us. Taste our dishes with real Istrian wild asparagus.